Civil Society 2.0

TASCHA’s Civil Society 2.0 work examines and develops innovative uses of technology to promote transparent, accountable, and democratic governance. Using participatory approaches, TASCHA applies evidence-based research and design methods to document and advance the work of local organizations and activists. How does technology affect communication, organization, and action? What are the uses and implications of technology use within social movements? This research draws on TASCHA’s experience with NGOs, social movements, and open development.


People & Organizations

  • Research Team
  • Partners
  • Chris Coward, Principal Research Scientist & TASCHA Director, Information School
  • Christine Prefontaine, Knowledge Sharing & Communication Advisor
  • Melody Clark, Communications Specialist, Information School
  • Maria Garrido, Research Assistant Professor, Information School
  • Jessica Beyer, Research Scientist, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies