Regional Study & Resource Center Evaluation

The Government of Namibia recently launched new regional libraries – officially called Regional Study and Resource Centers (RSRCs) – to spearhead national improvements in reading, learning, and information access. With support from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, RSRCs aim to provide tailored programs, ICTs, and information services that address surrounding communities’ most pressing needs. This performance evaluation will examine the first three RSRCs piloted in Namibia over a two-year period. The findings will inform ongoing operations at the first three RSRCs and help assess the efficacy of the donor’s grant activity. Furthermore, key recommendations will influence the design and implementation of up to ten other RSRCs planned to open across the country.




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People & Organizations

  • Project Team
  • Chris Coward, Principal Research Scientist & TASCHA Director, Information School
  • Andrew Gordon, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance
  • Michelle Fellows, Research Analyst, Information School
  • Araba Sey, Research Assistant Professor, Information School
  • Chris Rothschild, Senior Research Scientist, Information School