Employability Evidence Narratives

Employability Evidence Narratives are a methodological approach to social science that uses the power of stories to reveal dynamics of community technology settings in a way that is illuminating, accessible, and can be retold. The stories are informed by methodological attention to representativeness and typicality. They stand alone as evidence of outcomes in a particular context. As a body of work, they reveal patterns and provide evidence to inform new, general conclusions about community technology interventions. The stories communicate important lessons and dynamics in a way that is memorable and can be retold for a variety of audiences: practitioners, donors, and researchers.



People & Organizations

  • Project Team
  • Participants
  • Maria Garrido, Principal Research Scientist, Information School
  • Joe Sullivan, Research Analyst and Communications Designer, Information School
  • Andrew Gordon, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Governance, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance